Jumping ship

Dear Academic Gods,

…is it a bad sign when your department of six full-timers loses three, who are then replaced within a month?

…also, how exactly did I become a senior member of that department, when I haven’t even celebrated my one-year anniversary here?

…and, does this mean I can move into that lower-load administrative position I’ve been asking for since I was hired soon(er)?



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4 Responses to Jumping ship

  1. Woooaaa. I heard of someone who was hired as Asst. Prof. and almost immediately made dept. chair. So a decreased load could be lurking! Sounds like you need to hang on by your fingernails!

  2. Fie Upon This Quiet Life says:

    Hey, I need a job! I’ll take one that was recently vacated any time.

    Hope that you get along with all the newcomers. Good luck!

  3. WorkingMom says:

    OOOOooooooh, that doesn’t sound good. Were they retirements, or did they leave because of a specific person? I’ve seen both from the secretary’s chair. Retirements are find, the other reason means you might want to polish up your C.V.

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