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– FALL! Can you stand it??? Breaking out the winter clothes is always so satisfying, for some reason. Scarves! Boots! Long coats that look dramatic in the wind! -Stalker student is baaaaaaack….administration taking legal steps. -O Hell….thy name is research … Continue reading

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Dear Monsieur Chimpunk

It may perhaps have escaped your notice that you were running into the academic building at the university, instead of out of it. It may also be outside the scope of your cognitive faculties to realize that going UP the … Continue reading

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The cosmic OUGHT

(Dear Reader- it’s been a while since I did a nice thoughtful rant….this felt good!) I read this the other day and have been mulling it over for a while. This is the kind of article that confirms my belief that we are … Continue reading

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Watch out, world…

6-yr-old: Hey, Mama. Me: Yes? 6-yr-old: Five plus five is TEN. Me: Yes it is! Good work! 6-yr-old: Yeah. I’m gonna be a scientist.

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Notes from the front

…or the trenches, or the demilitarized zone… Why is moving such a shock to the system? I have felt more tired and sore than I have since…well, the last time we moved. I wake up 5-6 times a night, struggling … Continue reading

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