Notes from the front

…or the trenches, or the demilitarized zone…

Why is moving such a shock to the system? I have felt more tired and sore than I have since…well, the last time we moved. I wake up 5-6 times a night, struggling to get back to sleep, hurting in all of my deep muscle systems.


Why does AT&T take TWO WEEKS to connect our telephone, despite the fact that we moved barely a mile and a half from our last place and are keeping our number? Really? Are they hiring? ‘Cause I would hate to think what would happen if there were a tornado or something. You know, a REAL crisis. Not just one crazy pregnant lady screaming at the person telling me all about how EXCITING! U-VERSE! IS!


Why can’t I find my underwear?


Whose brilliant idea was it to institute draconian guidelines for moving out of a rental? (psst, Evenshine, landlords, that’s ‘oo). We had to do all the normal stuff like mopping, sweeping, and cleaning out the fridge, but those things were coupled with lovely additions like changing all batteries in the house and replacing ceiling fan bulbs. Yeah. Me, on a laddder, in 90-degree heat, changing bulbs. Almost enough to make you want to tell the landlord to keep that deposit. Almost.


It might be time to go shopping when you realize that your kids’ latest meal of mustard, fruity Cheerios and the last heel of bread might be limiting their physical and intellectual growth.


Why must a move necessitate a longer dryer outlet hose than before? Why can’t all landlords just make uniformly-spaced dryer outlets in all their buildings??? And who decided to make those freakish things so hard to install, requiring a number of different screwdrivers? I am hunting down the person who created dryer hoses in different sizes.


Mama needs a margarita.

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5 Responses to Notes from the front

  1. Mrs.Mayhem says:

    Moving stinks. But, at least you no longer are neighbors with the registered sex offender, right?! That’s cause for celebration.

    Hope you guys get settled quickly.

  2. Amy O. says:

    It’s awful! Absolutely awful. And moving while pregnant…that should give you a pass on something, shouldn’t it?? We’ve moved during two pregnancies, so I empathize. And now we’re facing another move in the near future, and I get sick to my stomach just contemplating it.

    Wish I could bring you that margarita! Hang in there…

  3. faemom says:

    Question. How would the landlord actually know if you changed the batteries and bulbs? Just wondering.
    I hope you’re resting.
    (Laugh. But a girl can dream for her friend, can’t she?)

  4. amy2boys says:

    I’ll buy! Virgin for you though, as sort of hilarious as that is given the circumstances.

  5. Señora López says:

    I don’t envy the moving thing. We did it several times but have stayed put now for about 5 yrs. Phone companies (all phone/internet companies), always take forever to set up service. I was having serious withdrawal symptoms last time I went through that.

    Enjoy the margarita! 😉

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