An Ode to the 2nd Grade Gods

Hear me, O Keepers of the #2 pencil.

As you roar into view, earth trembling beneath bright-yellow wheels.

I am still not ready: I cannot deliver her up to the yawning mouth of your folding, screeching door…

Listen, O you Gods of the 2nd Grade:

Let her backpack be light. As she trembles onto the bus, let a seat be open near the front, in case she has a problem.

Let her bus driver be like the one on Forrest Gump.

As she sits, in her prim uniform, socks askew, send her someone who will adore her and make her a BFF.

Not the girl in the Justin Bieber t-shirt.

As she struggles through fractions, writhes through cursive: may her teacher breathe an extra breath. And lower herself down, knees protesting, to calm the storm of frustration.

If she decides to make friends with only the blond girls that populate her class, let her also not forget that she’s a black sheep, and that there are other black sheep, too.

Carry her lightly through social studies, that she may learn a love for democracy.

Enlighten her with Math Facts, that she may have a lucrative future career away from the arts. Unless she’s really amazing at art: then, Lord, talent her up.

Give her immunity at the water fountain, speed at dodgeball, and modesty while swinging from the monkey bars.

Let her not be the last one picked.

If she’s the last one picked, O Gods, let her remember that it will not always be so: and that the last shall be first.

May she always be the unabashed holder of the hard-boiled egg at lunch, and live in total ignorance of boys.

Bring her back safe in your cavernous transport; let the bus driver be forever sober and cholesterol-free, and may all crazies decide to stay home each day from 7-8am and 3-4pm.

Now and forever, or at least until May-

Amen and amen.




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4 Responses to An Ode to the 2nd Grade Gods

  1. feMOMhist says:

    yes yes and yes. fMhson starts second grade as well, as I’m so anxious about the social pressures that I know increase every year in school. Fingers crossed that all children have a lovely teacher who understands their uniqueness and that kindness flows from all.

  2. ck says:

    a bff who will adore her + immunity at the water fountain + a sober, cholesterol-free bus driver = a dream articulated so beautifully that I’m thinking about swiping it. (Just until May.)

  3. faemom says:

    This was amazing. I read it a few days ago, and I can’t get it out of my head.

  4. incognitomom says:

    Well said. I sent my little guy off to kindergarten this year and many of your prayers were mine, minus the modesty on the monkey bars. LOL I think all the fears we had when we were traversing the school years comes back tenfold when we are mothers sending our own children off into the great beyond. I just want my boy to be safe and for no one to hurt him. Sadly, I know there will come a day when the hurt will come and I pray that somehow I can ease it or that God gives him the strength to overcome it.

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