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Dear Student Who Asks A Million Questions: I get it. You’re dedicated. Now shut it and do the exam. Try reading the questions first, before you ask me what to do. Dear Student Who Looks Like He Has a Headache: You’re … Continue reading

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– FALL! Can you stand it??? Breaking out the winter clothes is always so satisfying, for some reason. Scarves! Boots! Long coats that look dramatic in the wind! -Stalker student is baaaaaaack….administration taking legal steps. -O Hell….thy name is research … Continue reading

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Dear Monsieur Chimpunk

It may perhaps have escaped your notice that you were running into the academic building at the university, instead of out of it. It may also be outside the scope of your cognitive faculties to realize that going UP the … Continue reading

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Jumping ship

Dear Academic Gods, …is it a bad sign when your department of six full-timers loses three, who are then replaced within a month? …also, how exactly did I become a senior member of that department, when I haven’t even celebrated my … Continue reading

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The buck stops

Dear Administrator, Thank you for my $465 raise. I just want you to know how head-over-heels I am about it. No really. I am turning cartwheels in my (shared) office, trying not to hit the (antiquated) computer equipment in my … Continue reading

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Don’t stand so…

My favorite teacher? Ms. Evenshine. Without a doubt. I had her last semester, and she was one of the highlights of the year. I really liked our debate on capital punishment- I talked about The Life of David Gale. She … Continue reading

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How to know it’s almost Spring Break

No, I can’t take it, sorry. You know my policy on late work. Yes, I agree, your steady average of 35% is a tad worrisome. Yes, I, too, hope that your final exam saves you, though I might as well hope … Continue reading

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