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An Ode to the 2nd Grade Gods

Hear me, O Keepers of the #2 pencil. As you roar into view, earth trembling beneath bright-yellow wheels. I am still not ready: I cannot deliver her up to the yawning mouth of your folding, screeching door… Listen, O you … Continue reading

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The slippery slope…or, The Greening

I suppose it all started with antropologa. She was the troublesome one who started asking questions: “Are you going to circumcise if you have a boy?” “What kind of diapers will you use?” I don’t think anyone had ever asked … Continue reading

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…reading a lot on my Kindle. Thank God for a perceptive hubby who knew how much I totally wanted it, despite my comic shamming that I didn’t. Currently: The Tiger’s Wife, The Fellowship of the Ring (a yearly revisit), and … Continue reading

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The pains I had waited for began to come around 3am. I breathed prayers into the darkness, asking for strength and endurance and a peaceful labor. The pains were short, averaging around 30 seconds, but coming regularly, and as the hours … Continue reading

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Loved this today. What would YOU have on your sign?

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Watch out, world…

6-yr-old: Hey, Mama. Me: Yes? 6-yr-old: Five plus five is TEN. Me: Yes it is! Good work! 6-yr-old: Yeah. I’m gonna be a scientist.

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Paging Dr. Horking

Today is one of those hard days…waking up sick and continuing sick, even as I take it slow and attempt to control the nausea. Small bites, bland foods,  slow progress through my plain toast, but nothing seems to help and I … Continue reading

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