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Dark, whispered

She held tight to the rough wooden beam as another twisting, breathtaking pain held her. And released her. As the silent figure next to her touched her forehead with a rag, she impatiently swatted his hand away. Wanting him to … Continue reading

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An Ode to the 2nd Grade Gods

Hear me, O Keepers of the #2 pencil. As you roar into view, earth trembling beneath bright-yellow wheels. I am still not ready: I cannot deliver her up to the yawning mouth of your folding, screeching door… Listen, O you … Continue reading

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The cosmic OUGHT

(Dear Reader- it’s been a while since I did a nice thoughtful rant….this felt good!) I read this the other day and have been mulling it over for a while. This is the kind of article that confirms my belief that we are … Continue reading

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I grieve

For a dear friend in mourning…I posted this quote for her a while back. Why is it that we are doomed to sorrow? I think it’s because we love. “To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Comin’

Oldie but a goodie…

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In a dream without lightening of eyes I saw them, children of earth, Nations and races arise, Each one after his wise, Signed with the sign of his birth. A slow song beaten and broken, As it were from the … Continue reading

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The number of visitors as of 7:49pm Eastern, to my post about St. Patrick’s from last year. (And, dearest Amy, a whopping 27 of them visited the full poem- every little bit, right??) Happy St. Patty’s, all!

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