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Ahhh, illegal immigration. The protests, the marches, the pictures of huddled masses yearning to breathe free. I have to say, I wasn’t surprised at the recent brouhaha in Arizona, when, at the most dramatic last hour, a judge blocked certain portions … Continue reading

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The problem with an open mind

…is that things fall out. Story of my life, I suppose. Though that might just be motherhood. Here’s the thing: no one really believes that truth is relative. They may say that. They may argue you into the ground, passionately, and … Continue reading

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And the dog ate my homework

By FAR the best excuse for missing class I’ve seen so far in my professional career, received from a student in one of my grammar classes:     Yes, that’s Al Gaddafi. And on Eid-al Fitr! Think of the party! … Continue reading

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A little slice of WOW

Amazing…remembering Germany’s occupation of Ukraine during WWII.

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Conscientious objector

So you knew I had to post something about the brouhaha with Obama’s speech and the health care debate, right? Well, HA. I’m not. I’ve seen quite a few nice posts about it, though,  many of which reflect both  a … Continue reading

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I was raised as a poor black kid

I’ve never liked The Jerk. There are some great moments, and I’d pretty much watch Steve Martin paint a closet, but on the whole it’s not a fave. Great moment, though, when he is told that he’s not a black … Continue reading

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Things that make you go hmmm…

Ok, ok- one more and I’m done with the Crowley/Gates thing. What are y’all’s (really? two apostrophes?) thoughts on this?

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