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The pains I had waited for began to come around 3am. I breathed prayers into the darkness, asking for strength and endurance and a peaceful labor. The pains were short, averaging around 30 seconds, but coming regularly, and as the hours … Continue reading

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Prayer for a woman with child

Sent to me by a dear friend, from here. O Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ our God, the Source of life and immortality, I thank Thee, for in my marriage Thou has blest me to be a recipient of Thy blessing … Continue reading

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A measured silence

How long has it been since I last parsed my thoughts onto this (now echoing) media? Long. It’s not that life has been hectic, though it has. It’s not that I’ve not had things to blog about, because I have. … Continue reading

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Placenta Pizza

Placentophagy. The act of consuming one’s placenta after birth. Thoughts? Aaaaaaaand…..GO.

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– FALL! Can you stand it??? Breaking out the winter clothes is always so satisfying, for some reason. Scarves! Boots! Long coats that look dramatic in the wind! -Stalker student is baaaaaaack….administration taking legal steps. -O Hell….thy name is research … Continue reading

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Paging Dr. Horking

Today is one of those hard days…waking up sick and continuing sick, even as I take it slow and attempt to control the nausea. Small bites, bland foods,  slow progress through my plain toast, but nothing seems to help and I … Continue reading

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Ch-ch-ch changes

When the Prophet (now 27 months) was born, I wrote a steely recap of the induction. Birth stories are usually full of sentimental, usually lovely descriptions of the amazing and overaweing process of bringing a child into the world. Mine is … Continue reading

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