Prayer for a woman with child

Sent to me by a dear friend, from here.

O Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ our God, the Source of life and immortality, I thank Thee, for in my marriage Thou has blest me to be a recipient of Thy blessing and gift; for Thou, O Master, didst say: Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.

I thank Thee and pray: Bless this fruit of my body that was given to me by Thee; favor it and animate it by Thy Holy Spirit, and let it grow a healthy and pure body, with well-formed limbs.

Sanctify its body, mind, heart, and vitals, and grant this infant that is to be born an intelligent soul; establish him in the fear of Thee.

A faithful angel, a guardian of soul and body, do thou vouchsafe him. Protect, keep, strengthen, and shelter the child in my womb until the hour of his birth. But conceal him not in his mother’s womb; Thou gavest him life and health.

O Lord Jesus Christ, into Thine almighty and paternal hands do I entrust my child. Place him upon the right hand of Thy grace, and through Thy Holy Spirit sanctify him and renew him unto life everlasting, that he may be a communicant of Thy Heavenly Kingdom. Amen.

O All-Merciful Christ our God, look down and protect me, Thy handmaiden, from fear and from evil spirits that seek to destroy the work of Thy hands. And when my hour and time is come, deliver me by Thy grace.

Look with compassionate eye and deliver me, Thy handmaiden, from pain. Lighten mine infirmity in the time of my travail and grant me fortitude and strength for birth giving, and hasten it by Thine almighty help.

For this is Thy glorious work, the power of Thine omnipotence, the work of Thy grace and tender-heartedness. Amen.

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A measured silence

How long has it been since I last parsed my thoughts onto this (now echoing) media? Long.

It’s not that life has been hectic, though it has.

It’s not that I’ve not had things to blog about, because I have.

It may have something to do with a lack of motivation, and the fact that today is my due date for baby #3. Some writers can journal their whole pregnancies through…something I did with St. A (#1) and Isaiah the Prophet (#2). However, this pregnancy has been different in many ways, not just in the measured silence I have kept.

I have been reading your blogs, commenting sporadically. It has not seemed as long of a break when I read your blogs, and see what you’ve been up to.

And so I am still measuring, and listening to the echoes, and may come back, or not. Maternity leave might make me slightly insane, and blogging could be a good way out of that.

If you’re still around, thanks. And thanks to those of you who have checked in. I am honored to be the hermit of our little blogging community.

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Loved this today.

What would YOU have on your sign?

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Rainy October night; I listen to the rain

Now constantly there is the sound,

quieter than rain,

of the leaves falling.

Under their loosening bright

gold, the sycamore limbs

bleach whiter.

Now the only flowers

are beeweed and aster, spray

of their white and lavender

over the brown leaves.

The calling of a crow sounds

loud– a landmark– now

that the life of summer falls

silent, and the nights grow.

-Wendell Berry

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Dear Student Who Asks A Million Questions: I get it. You’re dedicated. Now shut it and do the exam. Try reading the questions first, before you ask me what to do.

Dear Student Who Looks Like He Has a Headache: You’re not fooling anyone. I see your eyes darting meaningfully at the students’ papers closest to you. You may as well wave red flags at me and look things up on your iPod, carefully balanced on your thigh.

Dear Student Who Says He’s Using His iPod to Keep an Eye on the Time: Give it up. won’t help you at this point. I’ve been wanting a new iPhone, anyway.

Dear Student Who’s Apparently Mining for Gold: YECH. Seriously??? Your paper will be vomit-inducing enough. Leave the boogers for later.

Dear Student Who Hasn’t Been Around for Three Weeks But Still Comes to the Final Exam, for Reasons Unknown: %#*@^#!?.

 Dear Student Who Immediately Wants to Know His Grade: Guess what, peon? I get to spend all weekend grading the horse manure you just dumped on my desk, which takes time from other activities I’d rather be doing, such as searching for missing socks, cleaning bathrooms and watching paint dry. Ask me again and I might have to truss you up like a Thanksgiving turkey and beat you with your own dictionary, while howling the rules for modified adverbial phrases to the moon.

Dear Student Who Finishes on Time and Does Decent Work: You continue to exist in some imaginary world, inhabited by friendly bus drivers, beautiful lunch ladies, and honest politicians. Do come and visit some time. I promise I’ll put away the dictionary and stop howling.

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Placenta Pizza


The act of consuming one’s placenta after birth.



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– FALL! Can you stand it??? Breaking out the winter clothes is always so satisfying, for some reason. Scarves! Boots! Long coats that look dramatic in the wind!

-Stalker student is baaaaaaack….administration taking legal steps.

-O Hell….thy name is research papers.

-I am in the most awesome time of pregnancy- when you have the cutest little baby bump and aren’t too huge, and don’t have those embarrasing bladder problems. Yet.

-Happy Michaelmas! And yes, I only know about it cause I’m an Anglican.

-Baked potatoes and cinnamon and wet leaves…oh my. I am loving Fall.

Sorry it’s been so long, but this term has been hellahectic. Hoping to blog more in the next weeks. How YOU doin’?

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