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Wordless Wednesday

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In the hush

In the predawn hush, I am Mother. Holding you on my chest as we rock, I am warmth and safety, and a place in memory called home. In the harshness of daylight, I am tough. Showing black and white, silencing with a … Continue reading

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Step away from the baby

Has anyone else read the eight different kinds of crazy (to use TKW’s phrase) that is this article on stars’ baby names? Being a baby name trend afficionada (I know, NERD ALERT!), I had to spend some time with the prescription-drug … Continue reading

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If you have a few minutes, please peruse Katie’s blog over at The Journey. She’s just your average 20-year-old who moves to Africa and adopts 14 children. On her own. I read things like this and I wonder how much more … Continue reading

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I promise I remember the days of hyperemesis, when my body cried out for nutrition but always heaved it back up in a matter of minutes, halfway digested. Salad was the worst: those green, crunchy leaves would wreak havoc on … Continue reading

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