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I’ve come to the point where I’m beginning to think about blogging more. Things got so out of hand after the birth of #3, perhaps understandably so, but it seems like I’ve needed the time to rethink and examine and … Continue reading

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That creepin’ feelin’

Lately it’s been hard to write, hard to piece together something coherent. It’s not like my life is any more tragic than anyone else’s, or necessarily any better. It’s not that work is hard, though it is frequently. And it’s … Continue reading

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The number of visitors as of 7:49pm Eastern, to my post about St. Patrick’s from last year. (And, dearest Amy, a whopping 27 of them visited the full poem- every little bit, right??) Happy St. Patty’s, all!

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Today, my friends, I have come up with a new blogging technique to increase traffic. Here it is: Yesterday, 205 people visited my blog. You know why? They apparently looked up the word “Shamrock“. Yesterday. March 1st. Which is not, … Continue reading

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Literally, in my case. This week is testing for the incoming students. I have a plethora of inane-yet-in-academic-circles-totally-lifealtering-and-earthshattering tasks to accomplish this week. Am feeling less than encouraged on the blog front, too. Does anyone else get blog envy as … Continue reading

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Search terms

Things have been quiet (at least since last week) around the blog for a while, and so Evenshine wanders into the always-humbling exercise of Checking The Blog Stats. I learned early on in this blogging thing that I could either … Continue reading

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Passion (Bow chicka bow wow)

Did you just get a little uncomfy?  Passion is such a loaded word. You can go basically two ways with this one, dredging up ideas of rose petals and Victoria’s Secret, or thinking of having passion, people who live with … Continue reading

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