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(Scene: between classes. Evenshine is pouring herself her second cup of coffee as classes let out and students change rooms. Enter, stage right, Adult English Grad Student- AEGS, who explodes from a room where she just finished teaching a grammar ESL lab, … Continue reading

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Dear Xinyue

My humblest apologies, dear Xinyue. I will never quite manage the linguistic circus that is your name. For this poor, unworldly American, your name is a land unknown, with pitfalls and misunderstandings whenever I open my mouth. Where I come … Continue reading

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The part of the show where I bang my head against the wall

Student From Afar: Teacher, I forget my homework. Teacher: You forgot your homework. SFA: Yes. Yes. I can give to you tomorrow? Teacher: Well, the syllabus says- you remember the syllabus? The paper I gave you the first day? It … Continue reading

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Class List

Chang, Jung Ri Jina Kung, Neul Ha Rita Kim, Mi A. Sherry Kim, Youngsu Ben Kim, Sung Yeon Frank Lee, Sung Woo Thomas Lee, Yang Min Tony Lim, Hang Yuon Bob Lin, Hsiao-Yuan Paul Moon, Youngsu Jackie Nguyen, Thi Tran … Continue reading

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Reprieval my indefatigability. Please?

I check my spam filter fairly often, to make sure I don’t miss some pithy comment from a bona-fide member of the species homo sapiens. This spam had me laughing so hard I HAD to post it. I know, I … Continue reading

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