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One more day…

O hushed October morning mild, Thy leaves have ripened to the fall; Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild, Should waste them all. The crows above the forest call; Tomorrow they may form and go. O hushed October morning mild, Begin … Continue reading

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The season of the pumpkin

A college boyfriend (who shall forever remain nameless) had a band for a while and celebrated in due course the greatness that is October. Songs were written, ballads performed, festive gatherings held- all in celebration of the ubiquitous fabulousness of fall. … Continue reading

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There are no squash in Colombia

And you know how I feel about squash. Living in Spain as a child, the native American squashes were hard to find. I remember pumpkins, but I am almost certain that they came from the American Air Force Base near … Continue reading

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Little brain on the prairie

(While driving with the windows down, 4-year-old and 5-month-old in back seat). St. Adelaide the Righteous: Mom, I love Fall. Me: Yeah, it’s my favorite, too. St. A: It’s so…frontier. Me: “Frontier”?? What does that mean? St. A: Like….nice. Or … Continue reading

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This is your brain on Fall.

I have been so distracted by the weather lately that it’s been hard to focus on anything. This is my brain’s internal dialogue usually: Dress kids… Prayer…Make coffee…Do Grades… Car needs oil change… Kiss husband… Dinner plans… Laundry… Project Runway… Church… Time for … Continue reading

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It has arrived.  The sky with colors like sharpened pencils and the air that tastes like stainless steel. We leave our house and the leaves swirl around our ankles like the Pomeranians next door. The ducks in the park are … Continue reading

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Ok, so Fall finally arrived in Georgia…this was a hard one to wait for.  Any time September rolls around, I find myself wishing we lived in New York, where the leaves start to turn in late August. I can do … Continue reading

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