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Caster Semenya

Discuss. Not sure where I am on this one. Do birth defects disqualify one from competition? Not at all. How about a “defect” that gives you the strength of a man in the body of a “woman”? Might the future … Continue reading

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I read something the other day that mentioned that all of the world’s major religions are patriarchal in nature. Which shouldn’t have hit me as hard as it did, except it was like a cosmic 2X4 to the head. Of … Continue reading

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Gender dyslexia

I’m sure everyone has heard the story about the “man” who is pregnant, so I’ll not reiterate it here (it was on Oprah yesterday. Shut up! I was sick on the couch. It was either Miss Thang or Montel Williams. In retrospect, stabbing … Continue reading

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10 Thursday ThingsOnMyMind

1. What is up with “natural mothering”? I am all about saving the planet, but upon picking up (by chance) an issue of “Mothering” magazine, I was shocked at the overt proselytizing tone which permeated the pages. Attachment parenting, baby-wearing, … Continue reading

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Long time…

So I guess this is where I have to insert a rant about how little time I have, what an abysmal blogger I am, and how much of an irresponsible friend I am for not keeping up with my writing … Continue reading

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