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And the dog ate my homework

By FAR the best excuse for missing class I’ve seen so far in my professional career, received from a student in one of my grammar classes:     Yes, that’s Al Gaddafi. And on Eid-al Fitr! Think of the party! … Continue reading

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Reading…and more on the adoption

We are, thanks everyone, going ahead with adoption plans. Like a good academe, I am researching my way through the whole thing. Maybe I’ll get a PhD out of it. HA. R and I are set on Ethiopia or Colombia … Continue reading

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As a language teacher to people of many, many countries (my latest acquisition is from Equatorial Guinea- the only country in Africa that speaks Spanish!), part of the wondrous world of intercultural communication are the mishaps. Like when I beckon … Continue reading

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Should I stay or should I go?

Ahhhh….Easter. Chocolate hangovers, sugar letdowns, and people carrying crosses. I hope you got a little glimpse of at least one penitent staggering down the street in dramatic Christological support of their issue-du-jour. In the Phillippines, they really get into it, … Continue reading

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We’re not pew-jumpers. I promise. One of the more egregious sins hurled over in the  Protestant direction by Roman Catholics is the “parishioners-gone-wild” nature of our propensity to change churches. Take a dislike to the organist? Bolt. What was that craziness about serving … Continue reading

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Home remedies

One of the more…um…interesting side effects of living with a Latino is his unusual approach to medicine. It may have something to do with the relative development of South American countries, or it could be something inherent to the Hispanic … Continue reading

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(Scene: a busy banking center, midafternoon. A teller, smelling headily of cigarettes and perfume, nods to the next person waiting in line- Yours truly.*) Me: Hi. I’d like to deposit this check. Heady teller: Um…it’s not in your name. Me: … Continue reading

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