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O Child

O child, my own…you’ve begun that lengthening into Boy. Fingers in the mud, dribble of that last popsicle down your arms, you delve into the earth like you delve into your pancakes. Never silent, always wordless, pecking at your mother’s … Continue reading

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I promise I remember the days of hyperemesis, when my body cried out for nutrition but always heaved it back up in a matter of minutes, halfway digested. Salad was the worst: those green, crunchy leaves would wreak havoc on … Continue reading

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Conscientious objector

So you knew I had to post something about the brouhaha with Obama’s speech and the health care debate, right? Well, HA. I’m not. I’ve seen quite a few nice posts about it, though,  many of which reflect both  a … Continue reading

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Now you are five

You sleep like a broken stork. Toothpaste, hurriedly mashed between the spaces in your teeth, dries in the corners of your huge smile. Sometimes your school pictures show it. When I vacuum, you pretend that I’ll somehow be able to … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Watch

One of the blogs I follow recently had a “conversation” (and I use that term loosely) about the c-word. Don’t worry, I won’t get into it. Already dealt with that one, anyway. I was struck most by the overwhelming number of … Continue reading

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