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Complaints of the waistband-challenged

(Two posts in one day???¬†It’s called Starbucks.)¬† With winter coming on, I am finding myself, increasingly, walking like a penguin. It has something to do with winter coats and something to do with being 5 months pregnant (errrr…ya think?). But … Continue reading

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Is anyone else already tired of the election hoopla? I watched some clips from the Republican YouTube debate on CNN and found an overwhelming apathy invading me. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the unfortunate¬†probability that … Continue reading

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Me hungry…

I guess the whole “being pregnant” thing is what does it, but I have been SO hungry lately- not the idle, “I want-to-munch” kind of hunger, but the kind that makes you want to mug the person with the bagel. … Continue reading

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