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Dear Prospective FaceBook “Friend”

Thank you for your recent submission of a “friend request” to Evenshine’s FaceBook page. While the action may be considered as some to be “friending” another, implying that you, solely, control the decision to connect with her, this institution regards the … Continue reading

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In which I grumble loudly and plaintively

Black, chalk-striped Kenneth Cole suit, found in a very shady K&G in torrential downpour by order of the groom, faintly reminiscent of big pimpin’: $140. J. Crew silk chiffon “Sophia” dress in “Spiced Wine”, to atone for the shady trip … Continue reading

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We live close to a historic cemetery and frequently visit, since the paths are fairly smooth (for little bikes) and the gravestones amazing. The seasons are so gorgeous to watch, as they move in and out with the rhythm of … Continue reading

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The number of visitors as of 7:49pm Eastern, to my post about St. Patrick’s from last year. (And, dearest Amy, a whopping 27 of them visited the full poem- every little bit, right??) Happy St. Patty’s, all!

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Why didn’t we hear about this here?

Powerful stuff. I’m most shocked by the lack of news coverage in this country. My thoughts are with Haiti, and Chile.

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