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How to know your child has outgrown Dora

TV Dora: “Do you see Boots?? Where is Boots?? If you see Boots, say….BOOTS!” 4-year-old: “He’s right there, behind the magical castle, on top of rainbow mountain. Duh, Dora.” (Rolling of eyes optional.)

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There are no squash in Colombia

And you know how I feel about squash. Living in Spain as a child, the native American squashes were hard to find. I remember pumpkins, but I am almost certain that they came from the American Air Force Base near … Continue reading

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Little brain on the prairie

(While driving with the windows down, 4-year-old and 5-month-old in back seat). St. Adelaide the Righteous: Mom, I love Fall. Me: Yeah, it’s my favorite, too. St. A: It’s so…frontier. Me: “Frontier”?? What does that mean? St. A: Like….nice. Or … Continue reading

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This is your brain on Fall.

I have been so distracted by the weather lately that it’s been hard to focus on anything. This is my brain’s internal dialogue usually: Dress kids… Prayer…Make coffee…Do Grades… Car needs oil change… Kiss husband… Dinner plans… Laundry… Project Runway… Church… Time for … Continue reading

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The Ought

I teach the English language at a University. One of the many glorious things about my job (and I say this without irony) is that I get to introduce people to the complexities of our language in use. At times … Continue reading

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