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To bris or not to bris, part 2

What shall I talk about today? Oh, yeah! How about penii and sharp tools? I had a conversation yesterday with one of my friends (Hey, E!) about circumcision. As a subject very infrequently mentioned in my circles, it was a … Continue reading

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Incensed with incense, or, the Latino Catholic in America

Being what the Catholic church calls a  “mixed couple”, R (Catholic) and I (Protestant) split our time between two churches. This weekend is, as you can imagine, quite the juggling act (as any mixed marriage would be)- Maundy Thursday in his, … Continue reading

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Maundy on my mind

The partially shaven cat my sister brought home from the vet. Imagine a cat with no pants on and you’ve basically got the image. The large, veiled Muslim computer whiz here at work who wears Adidas and floats around the lab. … Continue reading

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Delusional parenting

I was in a game store the other day (don’t ask…it was a surreal experience, fraught with pimply teens and testosterone-toting midlife males) and happened to notice a little girl, probably about my daughter’s age. Now, I say “happened to … Continue reading

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Wipe, runny, lubricant, and others…

So the most ‘eeewww’-inducing word for me is wipe. Drew Barrymore’s is moist, and I’m pretty sure Spitzer’s is sensual companion. It seems like these associations should have some grand psychological explanation, but more often than not, they are simply … Continue reading

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