…and baby makes 19

Did anyone else read this “story” on the Duggars? Are you one of the legions of fans (perhaps not of them, but of their show) that follow them faithfully? How into Jon and Kate were you? (Be honest!)

The piece is relatively silly, and those quotation marks are there on purpose- it’s more of an op ed piece. Not even that sophisticated- more of a rant than anything else. I expected something relatively well thought-out and logical, or at least objective, but the writer really has no real objection to the Duggars’ way of life than expressions like “off-putting” and “hokey”. She lauds them for their organization and cooperative spirit, their pennypinching and their love for each other. And then just blathers.

I’m not particularly in favor of the Duggars, or their reproductive choices. Perhaps I understand their good-natured fundy quirkiness a little more than most, having experienced quite a bit of that in my own life, but I don’t condone their way of life, or the idea that the more, the merrier.

I do take issue, however, with the idea that they’re somehow representative of all conservative-leaning Christians. They are certainly not alone in their beliefs on large families, but their charm and attractiveness come from the fact that they ARE unusual- this is what makes millions of people watch them on TV. The same basic principle operates with Jon and Kate and the Octomom (still waiting on that reality?). And people watch. Heck- I’d probably watch faithfully- if I weren’t so busy with my own measly two!

What do you think? Are you a fan?

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8 Responses to …and baby makes 19

  1. Gibby says:

    Nope, never been a fan of the Duggars. I’ve never been a fan of families making their kids take care of their younger kids. I won’t rip on them but, eh, the Duggars. Not a fan.

    Jon and Kate, admittedly I was a fan at first. But I was a fan before they got big, before they went on all those big trips, before they moved into that huge house, etc. I was more intrigued with how one mom (before she got all that help) actually handled all of those kids. (Mostly because I was stuck at home with two and barely managed to get through the day.) As for now…eh, the Gosselins. Not good. And Kate, please, leave DWTS and go back to your kids. I know you need to support them, but get a job in your home state, at least. Sheesh.

    Have I said too much?

  2. antropologa says:

    I’m not a fan because, like your previous commenter, I don’t like how their older kids do so much caretaking of the younger ones. I’m of two minds about the emphasis on conformity. And of course as you know I am not into all the religion. But they seem nice enough. I kind of wonder how knowing a future pregnancy for Michelle might be dangerous would affect their reproductive decisions. Seems like it might be challenging for them, but I can never remember if they’re straight-up Quiverfull or not. Also of course I think anyone on a reality show is not quite right.

  3. myra36 says:

    I’ve never been a fan of the Duggars. It’s not that I’m opposed to large families (my hubby is the eldest of nine) or having older kids look after little ones (there’s a 15 year difference between me and my youngest sister so caretaking did fall on me and my other siblings often). I simply don’t agree with their belief structure (i.e. creationism, no dancing). But, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

    I used to be a fan of Jon and Kate. Then it became dysfunctional. I really wish that people would stop voting for her on DWTS. Her insistence that she’s doing it for her children is bogus.

  4. Jane says:

    I am sooooooo not a fan – of the Duggars OR Jon & Kate.

    Duggars – because with my limited scope of knowledge of their situation I think it’s crazy nuts having that many children. How can you possibly give each child the daily attention they deserve from a PARENT – not another care-giver (ie, siblings). It is irresponsible and I think, borders on emotional neglect.

    Jon & Kate – I stopped listening/watching them (which was the first episode) when I discovered that they had that many children because of infertility issues. PLEASE don’t whine to me about the hardships of raising that many children when this is something you asked for by putting all your eggs in one basket (forgive the pun) and knew that having multiples was a possibility. I find their “plight” ridiculous.

    As you can see, this subject is something I have very strong opinions about. Which is why I’ll only comment and never devote a post to it. I’d alienate too many readers I fear!

  5. Not a fan of either. I think both families are sorta nuts.

  6. cynthia says:

    I’ve seen an episode of both the 19 Kids and J&K shows and never tuned in again. I can’t say I was offended by anything I saw … just bored and I’d rather waste what precious free time I have on other things like surfing the web and reading all these awesome blogs.

    I was 1 of 6 kids so I don’t blink at the idea of older kids taking care of the younger ones. It’s what happens in large families where both parents work and I don’t think we’ve suffered from the lack of one-on-one attention nor the lack of resources (money, mainly). In fact, I think it’s taught us to be more resourceful. We were never bored, that’s for sure.

    I found it odd that the writer of the article seemed upset that the Duggars admitted they were “fully open to having more children” after giving birth to a premie and that they looked “as happy as can be while holding little Josie…” in photos. What else would one say and how else would one look if you were Christian parents who just brought a baby, premie or not, into the world? I’m not condoning the Duggars’ choices. I just think there are worse things a parent could do to their kids than to admit to being open to having more or to smile while being photographed, that’s all.

  7. les says:

    This is America and it’s good to have a choice but…there just seems to be something egotistical about creating so many mini-mes in the world–in fact, way more than two parents can reasonably take care of. And I can’t help but look at Madame Duggar as a baby breeder rather than a multi-faceted human being with a life of her own.

    I’m all for populating the world with good kind people–we need to counterract some of the many dysfunctional folk out there–but I would prefer to see a family that is willing to help children already here on the planet–a planet that clearly has limited resources already.

  8. Ink says:

    Not a fan of either show, but it seems like one can’t get very far these days without hearing what Jon and Kate are up to, and that annoys me. 😉

    On another note…I miss Kate’s crazy old hairdo.

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